Custom Publishing

If you’re planning to write or publish a trade book, corporate history, calling card for your business, or family history, the PeopleSpeak team of writers, editors, interior book designers, cover designers, indexers and printers can provide all the services you’ll need.

Do you want to write a history of your company or organization for an upcoming event, such as an anniversary or a fund-raiser?

Are you looking to create a book that you can use as a tool in a marketing campaign?

Have you thought about creating a memoir of a family member or documenting your family’s historical roots for posterity?

Do you need a more effective calling card than just a letter and business card or brochure?

Do you want to get a book into the bookstore system?

Would you like to sell your book through Amazon or other online retailers?

Do you want your book to meet industry standards in terms of editing, design, production, and printing so it can reach your target audience?

Are you wondering how you can reach new customers and keep existing ones?

A book is one of the most credible pieces of marketing—more so than a brochure or portfolio—because it conveys knowledge and expertise. What better way to get your message out about you, your company and its products or services than a book?

PeopleSpeak can guide you through the publishing maze. We can coordinate and bring in the best people to handle every phase of the process. We can help with everything from the title and subtitle of your book to the back cover copy and more:

  • writing and editing the manuscript
  • choosing an interior designer
  • selecting a cover designer
  • indexing
  • printing
  • arranging distribution
  • answering all the big and little questions along the way

A book can demonstrate that you, as a provider of services or products, are

  • an expert in the field
  • a problem solver
  • the most knowledgeable
  • the most trustworthy
  • the most experienced
  • the best provider in your field
  • an industry leader

It is one of the best ways to get all your information—about you, your company, and your product or service—into the marketplace.

Books still hold an important place in the market. We’ll make sure your book is a product that helps you achieve your goals.

Learn about PeopleSpeak's custom publishing team members.

Editorial, Book Shepherding
   Sharon Goldinger

Ghostwriting, Collaboration
   Michael Levin
   Kristin Loberg

Interior Book Design
    Beverly Butterfield
    Joel Friedlander
    Sue Knopf